"Therefore go and make disciples..." 

The mission of Ottawa Center Chapel is to nurture maturing, worshipping believers in Christ both here and around the world.

We Believe…

  • the Bible is the inspired (full and verbal) Word of God.
  • there is one God, eternally existing
  • Jesus Christ, the unique Son of God, being truly man, becasem born of the virgin Mary, lived sinless but died for our sins, bodily rose from the dead, bodily ascended into heaven, acts today as the believers’ Advocate before the Father, is returning to rapture Christians (His return being personal, imminent and premillenial).
  • all mankind shall bodily face God’s judgement: those who accepted Jesus Christ as  their personal Savior shall know eternal blessedness with Him; those who reject Christ shall receive everlasting punishment for their sin in Hell.
  • being saved, Christians are kept by the power of God the Father, are secure eternally  in God the Son, and are sealed as God’s children by God the Holy Spirit.

We are committed…

  • to believing the Bible is the Word of God and that it’s principles are sufficient to guide us in everything we do.
  • to reaching out to unbelievers locally and globally with the message of Christ’s gospel.
  • to the preaching and teaching of the Bible that seeks to nurture Christ-likeness.
  • to building caring relationships which minister to each other’s spiritual, physical, and family needs.
  • to training effective church leaders and workers to use their spiritual gifts in the church and in the community.
  • to promoting prayer both individually and corporately.
  • to effective and faithful use of what God has given us.
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